It’s the last day of Bear Week and we sure have had a blast meeting some awesome bears! We are off to Alaska to meet our last bear of the week! So let’s back our coats and backpacks and head out to meet…

e e alaska


brown bear   Range/Habitat: Northern North America-North Europe-Asia/forests,

mountains, grasslands

   Diet: Omnivore: fish, roots, berries

   Length/Weight: 6 ½-9 ¾ ft/ 220-2,200 lbs

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Brown Bears are the most widely distributed bear in the world.
  • They have long claws.
  • There are several subspecies of the brown bear, including the Grizzly and Kodiak.
  • Brown bears have large humps on their shoulders.
  • Brown bears hibernate during the winter.
  • They can reach speeds of 30 mph.

Brown bears are large, top of the food chain predators that eat mostly an herbivorous diet!  Momma bears and their cubs are not to be messed with though. They are very protective and at 30 mph can run faster than a human!

brown bear2   brown bear3

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2 thoughts on “BEAR WEEK DAY # 5

  1. Don’t tell Mom how much you weigh! She’ll put you on treat restriction! That’s what happened to me when I gained 2 pounds….

    Love and licks,

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