We sure hope you enjoyed Bear Week; we know we did! It’s Mammal Monday again and we’re going to an island in Indonesia to meet a small four legged animal! So let’s hop aboard the E & E boat and take a trip to the South Seas!

e & e rainforest


anoa Range/Habitat: Sulawesi (Indonesia)/ rainforests, mountains

Diet: Herbivore: leaves, fruits, ferns

Length/Weight: 5 ¼-5 ½ ft/ 330- 660 lbs

Conservation Status: endangered


Fun Facts:

  • Anoas are also known as the midget buffalo.
  • They have plump bodies and short legs.
  • Anoas have horns that face backwards, to help them run through the thick forests.
  • Anoas are solitary.
  • There are two species of Anoa, the lowland and the mountain.

These little water buffalo are so cute! Who knew that water buffalo came in miniature size? We love our hoofed cousins!

anoa2 anoa3





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2 thoughts on “MAMMAL MONDAY # 64

  1. I also have short legs, like the anoa. But Mom won’t let me get plump. She says, “No more treats!”

    Love and licks,

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