It’s Feathery Friday and we’re finally leaving Southeast Asia to head to Africa! We’re going to search for a bird who eats honey! So get your gear and let’s go on another fabulous adventure!

e e woods


greater honeyguide   Range/Habitat: Africa- South of Sahara/ jungles, woodland

   Diet: Omnivore: honey, bees, insects

   Length/Weight: 8”/ 1 ¾ oz

   Conservation Status: common





Fun Facts:

  • Black throated honeyguides are also known as the Greater Honeyguide.
  • They get their name from their ability to guide humans and people to bee hives.
  • They are black and white.
  • Black throated honeyguides lay their eggs in the nests of other birds and do not raise their young.
  • Black throated honeyguides have bright pink bills.


We know some honey loving bears who might like to have a Honeyguide living in their neighborhood. It is amazing how people and other animals use their vocal cues to locate beehives!

greater honeyguide2

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One thought on “FEATHERY FRIDAY # 64

  1. Be careful, little Honeyguide. Once my dogfriend ate some bees in his yard and his head swelled up like a giant watermelon!!

    Love and licks,

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