We’re going to the coasts of Southern California to meet a small fish with a big reputation! Grab your beach towel and let’s head off on today’s adventure!

e e beach


grunion   Range/Habitat: Eastern North Pacific/ oceans, coasts

   Diet: Carnivore: plankton

   Length/Weight: up to 7 ½”/ up to 3 5/8 oz

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • California grunions are members of the silverside family.
  • California grunions live close to the shore.
  • They swim in large schools.
  • California grunions strand themselves on beaches at night during mating season.
  • They have a blue-silver stripe down each side.

These little fish cause quiet the splash during their mating season! People come from all over to see this spectacular feat of nature! Would you make the trip to see them?



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