We are making a wonderful frog piece of art that is so easy; all you have to do is make dots! Anyone can make it fancy! Come celebrate these fancy amphibians and show us your art! You can post pictures on our Facebook or Tweet them to us!

frog craft1



  •        Colorful paints (we used red, orange, green and yellow)*
  •         Small paint brushes (chopsticks, pencil erasers or toothpicks will work too)

*If you don’t have paints around, markers will work too



  • If you need too- sketch your frog first.
  • All you are doing is “drawing” a frog with dots! We started with the head and then the eyes and then the body outlines.

frog craft2   frog craft3






  • We dotted eyes and a mouth.
  • Then we filled in the body with dots. 

frog craft4

  • You don’t have to do a particular pattern, just be creative! You can make all kinds of colored frogs too!

frog craft5

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2 thoughts on “FROG WEEK CRAFT!!!

  1. That spotty frog is CUTE! I have black spots all over me! Craft days always make Mom wish she was a teacher again….. Just for about an hour!

    Love and licks,

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