It’s the second to last day of our Frog Week and we’re off to meet our last frog of the week! We’re going exploring in our very own neighborhood to see if we can meet this loud frog! The best part is they are one of the first signs of spring and we can all use a little spring right now!

e e woods


spring peeper   Range/Habitat: Southeast Canada-Eastern U.S./ woods, ponds,


   Diet: Carnivore: insects

   Length: ¾- ½”

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •        Spring Peepers mating call ushers in the spring season.
  •       Spring Peepers are members of the chorus frogs.
  •      They have adhesive pads on their toes.
  •      Spring peepers are great climbers.
  •      They winter under leaves and logs.
  •      Spring peepers have an X-shaped pattern on their backs.

Jeepers-Creepers, where’d you get those Spring Peepers! Hehe- we couldn’t resist! We just love the sounds of spring; birds singing, bugs calling and of course frogs chirping! What’s your favorite sound of spring?

 spring peeper2  spring peeper3



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2 thoughts on “FROG WEEK DAY # 5

  1. My favorite sound of spring is Mom saying the word, “Park.” Yay! Park!

    Love and licks,

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