We’re celebrating World Penguin Day with some fun facts and picture about the fabulous flightless birds! We’re wearing our orange tufts to look like Macaroni Penguins, our favorites!

e e macaroni hair

  • There are 18 species of penguins in the world.
  • All penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Only 8 species of penguins actually live in cold climates.

penguin8   penguin7






  • The Emperor Penguin is the largest species.
  • The Fairy Penguin is the smallest species.
  • Penguins live in colonies.
  • Penguins are marine birds. They spend 75% of their life at sea.

penguin6    penguin2





  • Penguins have up to 70 feathers per square inch.
  • Penguins have excellent hearing.
  • Emperor Penguins can stay under water for up to 15 minutes.

penguin3   penguin4





  • Fossilized penguins have been found that are 58 million years old.
  • Penguins do not have teeth. They have barbs on their tongue and throat.
  • Penguin wings are called flippers.

penguin5   penguin1







Tell us why you love penguins!!

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4 thoughts on “WORLD PENGUIN DAY!!

  1. Well, who wouldn’t love a penguin named after macaroni!? That thing is delicious. I wish I had barbs on my tongue. Then Mom couldn’t yank things out of my mouth when I pick them up outside and try to eat them. Macaroni…. Mmmmm….

    Love and licks,

  2. Reblogged this on Perky & Friends.

  3. Lover of the Penguins – Great Celebration!!! Have a Great Day:)

  4. Oh how cute. I love penguins.. I had no idea there was a world penguin day. Did you know that tomorrow is hairball awareness day? Not sure I want to be aware of hairballs.. but just wanted to let you know. I also wanted to drop by and give you the WP Family award.. please click the link (it goes to my awards page) to claim it. I’ve been following the blog since your interview and I love all the posts.

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