We’re taking the E & E sub out today to meet one cool and amazing fish! These fish can fly, but beware of that mouth full of teeth! We’re starting the engines and getting ready to dive down and head out on today’s adventure!

e e deep sea


needlefish2   Range/Habitat: Tropical-temperate oceans worldwide

   Diet: Carnivore: fish, squid

   Length/Weight:  3-5ft/ up to 7 lbs

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •          Giant needlefish are the largest species member of the needle fish family.
  •          They have long slender bodies.
  •          Giant needlefish have a mouth full of sharp teeth.
  •          Giant needlefish can leap out of water.

Needlefish are crazy looking with their long snouts and large pointy teeth. They can harm people when they leap out of the water to escape predators and land in boats. So watch for flying fish!





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