We’re heading to South America to meet a little brown bird in the rainforest! Grab your adventure gear and let’s head out on today’s adventure.

e & e rainforest


little chachalaca3   Range/Habitat: Northern South America/rainforest

   Diet: herbivore: berries, fruit

   Length/Weight: 15”/ 21 oz

   Conservation Status: common 


Fun Facts:

  •          Chachalaca are related to curassows.
  •          They are noisy birds.
  •          Chachalaca get their name from their call.
  •          Chachaalca have long tails.
  •          They have molted brown feathers.

These little plain looking birds have a great call! You can check it out here. We think we might practice it the rest of the day!

little chachalaca   little chachalaca2

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One thought on “FEATHERY FRIDAY # 70

  1. That bird sounded a little angry! I hope it wasn’t something I said…..

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