We’re going to sure the pond in our neighborhood for today’s adventure. Let’s grab some snacks for a picnic and head out to meet today’s reptile friend!  

e e stream


red eared slider   Range/Habitat: Southern United States-Mexico/wetlands, ponds,


   Diet: Omnivore: fish, tadpoles, plants

   Length: 8-13”

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •          Red eared sliders have red dashes around their ears.
  •          They bask in the sun during the day.
  •          Red eared sliders don’t have saliva and must eat their food under water.
  •          Red eared sliders have claws on their front feet.
  •          They brumate (become less active and hang out on the bottom of rivers/ponds during the fall and winter).

Red eared sliders are so cute. They are very popular pet to have too. Remember, if you do decide a pet turtle is for you; get them from a breeder and not from the wild. And as always do your homework, because all pets have specialized needs.

 red eared slider2  red eared slider3

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