We’re going to the state of California to meet today’s Feathery friend. Who’s up for today’s adventure? Let’s do this!

e e grasslands2


california quail   Range/Habitat: Southwest Canada-Western U.S.-Northwest

   Mexico/ desert, scrub, forests

   Diet: herbivore: seeds, leaves, bulbs

   Length/Weight: 10”/6 oz

  Conservation Status: common 


Fun Facts:

  •          California Quails have a long tear drop shaped crest on their head.
  •          They have scaly plumage on their bellies.
  •          California Quails are very shy.
  •          California quails live in small flocks.
  •          They are often heard before they are scene.

California quails are so cute with their little crest of feathers. Their call is also funny; some people say they sound like they’re saying Chicago!

california quail2   california quail3


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2 thoughts on “FEATHERY FRIDAY # 71

  1. That first picture makes this quail look like a meatball. I like meatballs. Mmmmm.

    Love and licks,

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