We’re going to explore the world’s deserts today. We think deserts are void of plant and animal life, but these habitats are wonderful places full of life that has adapted to survive in a harsh environment. Let’s go exploring this amazing habitat!

e e desert

Desert Fun Facts:

  •         Deserts receive less than 10 inches of rain a year.
  •         Deserts cover 1/3 of the earth’s surface.
  •         Only 20% of deserts are covered in sand.
  •         Polar deserts are in the Arctic and Antarctic. They are areas that are free of ice.
  •         The largest desert on earth is the Sahara.
  •         Deserts are often hot during the day and cold at night.
  •         Most animals in true deserts are nocturnal.
  •         Some animals, who call the desert their home, never drink water.
  •         There are deserts on every continent on earth.

Animals that live in the desert:

·        Camels

  •         Gila monsters
  •         Kangaroo Rats
  •         Desert Bighorn sheep
  •         Meerkats
  •         Roadrunner
  •         Horned Viper
  •         Western Spadefoot Toad
  •         Fennec Fox
  •         Desert Tortoise

desert tortoise

  western spadefoot toad

horned viper

roadrunner   camel

desert bighorn sheep

kangaroo rat   gila monster


Deserts are fascinating places! Animals and plants have come up with some of the most amazing adaptations to live here. There are cactuses that live up to 200 years. Camels can go days without water because they store fat in those famous humps! What is your favorite desert animal?

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