It’s off to Ellie’s home on this third day of our Habitat Week! That’s right we’re going to visit the grasslands of the world. There different types of grasslands out there, but their common feature is grass and lots of it! These giant habitats are home to many different kinds of animals. So let’s learn more about grasslands!

e e grasslands


Grassland Fun Facts:

  •         Grasslands are on every continent except Antarctica.
  •         There are temperate grasslands that lie north or south of the equator, these are often called prairies.
  •         Tropical grasslands are located near the equator, these are often called savannas.
  •         One quarter of the earth’s surface is covered in grasslands.
  •         Grasslands are open and flat.
  •         Tropical grasslands have dry and rainy seasons.
  •         Temperate grasslands have a growing season and a dormant season.
  •         Grass grows from the bottom to the top.
  •         Grasslands have trees, but not many.

Animals of the Grassland:

  •         Bison
  •         Giraffe
  •         Elephants
  •         Burrowing Owls
  •         Giant anteaters
  •         Baboons
  •         Prairie Dogs
  •         Ostrich
  •         Cheetahs
  •         Gerenuks
  •         Vultures

vulture   gerenuk


ostrich   prairie dogs


burrowing owl

giant anteater

giraffe   bison

Grasslands are definitely Ellie’s favorite habitat on the planet. In fact on the prairies of North America there are wild horses, so Edmond is a fan too. Grasslands are home to so many kinds of herbivores and their carnivore predators. From the smallest insect to the largest land mammal on earth, grasslands are complex habitats that support a huge diversity of life.  

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  1. Mmmmm. Grass is delicious!

    Love and licks,

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