We’ve had so much fun celebrating some of the world’s amazing habitats! We first thought we might make a habitat for this month’s craft, but then we decided to go smaller and make a clay nudibranch! A what- you ask? A nudibranch or sea slug is one of our favorite animals in the coral reef. Are you ready to make one? Here’s what these crazy, colorful creatures look like!

nudibranch   nudibranch2



  •        Clay in any color you like (Air dry or oven bake will work)

e e nudibranch


  •         Take one color and make a large tube.

e e nudibranch2

  •         Next, take your second color and make small cones (as many as you like)

e e nudibranch3

  •         Then take a piece of the second color and roll a long tube and press it flat.
  •         Roll two small balls for the eyes.

e e nudibranch4

  •         If you using clay that has to be dried in the oven- bake according to package directions. Then enjoy your new pal!
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