We sure hope you enjoyed Habitat Week! We’re back to going to some of those of one of those habitats to meet today’s mammal! Grab your gear and let’s get ready to go!

e e grasslands


chital   Range/Habitat: South Asia/ grasslands

   Diet: Herbivore: fruit, vegetation

   Length/Weight: 3 ¼-5 ft/ 155-175 lb

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •          Chitals are also called the Axis Deer.
  •          Chitals live in large herds, up to 100 animals.
  •          They share their habitat with langurs, who warn for predators.
  •          Chitals run up to 40 mph.
  •          Chital males have antlers!

These members of the deer family are really cool. We love their crazy antlers! Who knew deer came in so many shapes and sizes?

chital2    chital3

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