It’s just another Mammal Monday and we sure are happy about that! We’re hoping a plane and heading to that one of kind island, Madagascar! Grab your luggage, snacks and night goggles and let’s go meet…

e & e night rainforest


fat tailed lemur   Range/Habitat: Madagascar/ rainforest

   Diet: Omnivore: insects, flowers, fruits

   Length/Weight: 7-10”/ 6 oz

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •          Fat tailed lemurs store fat in their body and tails.
  •          Fat tailed lemurs go into a torpid state (period of slower metabolism and activity) during the dry season.
  •          They are arboreal (spend most of their time in trees).
  •          Fat tailed lemurs are one of the smallest members of the lemur family.
  •          They are nocturnal.
  •          They have a 15-20 year life span.

Fat tailed lemurs are so cute. It is so cool that they spend up to 6 months in an inactive state during the dry season. They live off the fat in their tails! Neat!

fat tailed lemur2

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2 thoughts on “MAMMAL MONDAY # 74

  1. I just have one questions – trying to keep a straight snout – does your lemur like to move it – move it? I like to move it move it. Do you have that worm in your ear now? snorts – XOXO – Bacon

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