So we’re taking a boat from Madagascar to the continent of Africa to meet a very menacing snake. Get your safari gear on and your binoculars because we’ll be looking for this reptile from the safety of the E & E safari vehicle.

e & e safari van


puff adder   Range/Habitat: Africa (south of the Sahara)/ grasslands

   Diet: Carnivore: small mammals, birds

   Length:  3 ¼ ft

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •          Puff Adders are thick bodied and wide snakes.
  •          They are yellow-brown in color with white chevrons.
  •          Puff Adders are highly venomous.
  •          Male puff adders are smaller than the females.
  •          Puff Adders are ambush predators.

Puff adders are very scary looking snakes. None the less they deserve our respect! All snakes are essential parts of their ecosystems whether they are cute or not.

puff adder2   puff adder3

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