It’s time to take plunge in the wondrous ocean of our earth to meet today’s little fish who lives in a dangerous habitat! We’re taking the E & E sub out to avoid stinging tentacles!  

e e deep sea


man o war fish   Range/Habitat: Tropical Oceans Worldwide

   Diet: Carnivore: small fish

   Length: up to 10”

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •          Man of War Fish live in the tentacles of the Portuguese Man-of-war jelly!
  •          They avoid the tentacles by agile swimming.
  •          Man of War Fish are not immune to the stings of the jelly.
  •          They have deeply forked tail fins.

Wow! We knew about clownfish living with anemones, but a fish who lives among the tentacles of a giant jelly fish! The ocean is full of crazy animals!

man o war fish2

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