It’s Friday! It’s Friday! It’s Feathery Friday! We’re going right out our back door for today’s adventure in search of a really cool little feathery friend!

e e woods


northern flicker   Range/Habitat: North-Central America/ woodlands-suburbs

   Diet: carnivore: insects

   Length/Weight: 30-35”/ 100-175 g

   Conservation Status: common 


Fun Facts:

  •         Northern Flickers are members of the woodpecker family.
  •          They have long pointed bills.
  •          Northern flickers often feed on the ground.
  •          Northern flickers long bills are used for pecking in to the ground.
  •          They have spotted undersides.
  •          Northern flickers have long tails.

We love it when we find a Northern Flicker pecking on the ground in our neighborhood. Who knew there were woodpeckers who didn’t just peck on trees for their dinner?

northern flicker2  northern flicker3

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2 thoughts on “FEATHERY FRIDAY # 76

  1. Berkeley

    We had a woodpecker here last year, but I haven’t seen her this year

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