It’s theme week here at headquarters and we’re celebrating monkeys! These primates vary in size, habitat and behavior. There are Old World monkeys, that live in Africa and Asia and New World monkeys, which live in South and Central America. We’re going to South Asia today to meet the week’s first monkey! Grab your plane ticket and travel gear and let’s go meet…

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hanuman langur   Range/Habitat: South Asia/ forests, suburbs, mountains

   Diet: Herbivore: fruits, buds, shoots

   Length/Weight: 20-31”/ 23-44 lbs

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •          Hanuman Langurs are considered sacred by Hindus.
  •          They are the most widespread of all langur species in South Asia.
  •          Hanuman langurs are also called Gray Langurs.
  •          Hanuman langurs color varies by their habitat.
  •          They are diurnal.
  •          Male Hanuman langurs are larger than females.
  •          Hanuman langurs live in troops led by one or two males.

Hanuman langurs are fascinating monkeys. They often live near humans. Can you imagine considered being sacred? We think all animals are considered sacred 🙂 !

hanuman langur2hanuman langur4

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