We’re putting on our scuba gear and we’re going diving in shallow water to find a really wild looking fish! He’s a member of the shark and ray family! Grab your flippers and let’s goooooooo!

e & e snorkeling


shovelnose guitarfish2   Range/Habitat: Eastern Pacific Ocean/ocean-near coast

   Diet: Carnivore: fish, crustaceans, worms

   Length/Weight:  up to 5 ft/ 33-40 lb

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •          Shovelnose Guitarfish have a shovel shaped snout.
  •          They have flat, rounded pectoral fins.
  •          Shovelnose guitarfish bury themselves in the sand.
  •          Shovelnose guitarfish are usually found in shallow waters.
  •          They use their flat snouts to find prey buried in the sand.

These shovelnose guitarfish are super duper! They are so cool looking! We love our cartilaginous pals!

shovelnose guitarfish3

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