It’s that fabulous day of the week where we meet a friend who lives in the water! So let’s get this adventure started as we head out to the coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean to meet today’s fish that lights up!!

e & e snorkeling


flashlightfish2   Range/Habitat: West Pacific oceans/coral reefs

   Diet: Carnivore: plankton

   Length: up to 4 ¾”

  Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •          Flashlightfish have a blunt nose.
  •          They have bacteria in the organ under their eye.
  •          Those bacteria are bioluminescent.
  •          They can use that eyelid to communicate with other flashlightfish.
  •          Flashlightfish feed at night.
  •          Flashlightfish spend their day in caves in deeper water.
  •          They are territorial.

Flashlightfish are super cool! They use that bioluminescent eyelid to communicate with each other. We wonder if they know Morris Code?


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