We’re off to Africa today to find a colorful and most famous bird! We all know these pinkies! Have you guessed it by now? That’s right; it’s time to meet a flamingo! Grab your wellies again, we’re going wading!

e e grasslands


   Range/Habitat: West-Central-Southern Africa/ wetlands, lakes

   Diet: Herbivore: blue-green algae

   Length/Weight: up to 3 ¼ ft/ up to 4 ½ lbs

   Conservation Status: Near threatened





Fun Facts:

  • Lesser flamingos are the smallest of all flamingos.
  • They are light to dark pink in coloration.
  • Lesser flamingos have long dark beaks.
  • They feed at dusk and dark.
  • Lesser flamingos live in large colonies. There have been flocks of up to 1 million birds.
  • You can see hundreds are of flamingos move together in elaborate courtship rituals.
  • Lesser flamingos build mud mounds to lay their one egg on.
  • They can live up to 50 years.

We just love flamingos! They’re long legs and bright pink feathers make them one of the most iconic birds on the planet! And yes they do sleep on one leg; it helps them conserve body heat! Hhhmm… we might practice being flamingos, but that is hard with four legs!


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