We’ve had some technical difficulties at HQs we’re posting greatest hits for the rest of week! We hope you enjoy meeting these animals again!

We’re taking the E & E submarine to the cold waters of the South Pole. Luckily the submarine is heated because you wouldn’t want to be caught in these cold waters unless you are one of these amazing fish! All aboard….


   Range/Habitat: Antarctic Circle/ oceans

   Diet: Carnivore: crabs, squid, fish

   Length/Weight: up to 7 ¼ ft/ up to 260 lbs

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Antarctic Toothfish live in very deep waters.
  • They are very slow growing.
  • Antarctic toothfish have a special protein in their blood that acts as an anti-freeze.
  • Antarctic toothfish have high body fat content and light bones.
  • They have a cartilaginous skull.

Wow, these fish are really cool and kind of creepy! Yet again we are fascinated by the animals that call the deep ocean their home! Those deep dark waters really are like another planet!

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