We’ve packed our bags for today’s adventure to Northern Australian to meet a really cool little mammal. Has everyone practicing saying mate? Pack your hiking boots and walking stick and let’s head out into the forests of the land down under!

e & e rainforest


numbat   Range/Habitat: Northwest Australia/ forests

   Diet: Insectivore: termites

   Length/Weight: 8-11”/ 11-26 oz

   Conservation Status: endangered


Fun Facts:

  •          Numbats have long bushy tails.
  •          Numbats are also known as the banded anteater.
  •          They have 4” long sticky tongues.
  •          Numbats have large claws on forefeet to help them dig in termite mounds.
  •          They are marsupials.
  •          Numbats have 53 teeth, the most of any mammal on earth.

Numbats are amazing little creatures. Their numbers dropped dramatically, but thanks to some great conservation programs their numbers are climbing back up! We love to hear how people are helping animals!

numbat2    numbat3

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4 thoughts on “MAMMAL MONDAY #85

  1. He’s so tiny!

  2. jeffnmom

    I wonder if he let me borrow some teeth lol

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