Happy Reptilian Tuesday! We’ve backed our bags and heading back to the U.S. to a desert habitat. Grab your sunscreen and your sunglasses and hats and let’s go find today’s reptile friend!

e e desert


desert horned lizard   Range/Habitat: Southwestern U.S.A.

   Diet: Carnivore: ants, insects

   Length: 3-5 ¼”

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  •          Desert Horned lizards have excellent camouflage.
  •          They have “horns” or pointy scales on their head and neck.
  •          Desert horned lizards have round shaped bodies and are nicknamed Horned Toads.
  •          They can remain motionless for long periods in order to protect themselves.
  •          They can also inflate themselves with air if attacked by a predator.
  •          Desert horned lizards hibernate in the winter.

Desert horned lizards have some great defense mechanisms. They look like mini dinosaurs if you ask us! If they only had some feathers too!

desert horned lizard2  desert horned lizard3

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