It’s time for another watery adventure! We’re going looking for an odd parasite today. We won’t say they are pretty, but they are pretty wild! Hop aboard the sub and let’s see if we can find…

e e deep sea


sea lamprey   Range/Habitat: North Atlantic-Mediterranean (North America-

   Europe) oceans-rivers

   Diet: Carnivore: fish

   Length/Weight:  up to 4 ft/up to 5 ½ lb

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •          Sea Lampreys have suckers full of teeth instead of mouths.
  •          They suck blood from their prey.
  •          Sea lampreys are parasites.
  •          They have rough surfaced tongues.
  •          Sea lampreys have eel-like bodies.
  •          They breed in fresh water.
  •          They have small circular gill openings instead of slits.

Sea lampreys are crazy looking animals! We could have featured them on our creepy animals week! We’ll stay away from those suckers full of teeth!

sea lamprey3   sea lamprey2

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