We’re off to Africa today to meet a very intimidating snake. Pack your gear and your passport and let’s load up the E & E safari van. Don’t forget your long lens for your camera and your binoculars, because we are staying in the vehicle to find this animal!

e & e safari van


red spitting cobra   Range/Habitat: Northeast Africa/ grasslands, desert

   Diet: Carnivore: small mammals

   Length: 28-47”

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •          Red spitting cobras will shoot venom if they are threatened.
  •          They can shoot the venom up to 6 ½ ft away.
  •          Red spitting cobras’ venom can cause blindness.
  •          Red spitting cobras are nocturnal.
  •          They have narrow hoods.
  •          Red spitting cobras have a black band of color across their necks.

Red spitting cobras are definitely amazing. They are also a snake that needs respect! We’ll give them that respect from at least 20 ft away!

red spitting cobra2   red spitting cobra3

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