We’re going scuba diving on this Watery Wednesday! Grab your tanks, suits and masks and come join us in the Pacific Ocean as we go looking for a shark! Are you ready?

e & e snorkeling


whitetip reef sharks   Range/Habitat: Indo-Pacific Oceans/ reefs, oceans

   Diet: Carnivore: fish

   Length/Weight:  up to 5 ½ ft/up to 40 lbs

   Conservation Status: near threatened


Fun Facts:

  •          Whitetip Reef Sharks are also called the blunthead shark.
  •          They do not have to swim to move water over their gills.
  •          Whitetip reef sharks have white tips on their dorsal fins and tails.
  •          You can find whitetip reef sharks often rest on the ocean floor.
  •          They use sound to detect prey.

Whitetip reef sharks are magnificent animals! Like all sharks they have a skeleton made of cartilage! These beauties are also being threatened by humans. Our oceans are home to many beautiful creatures and we all need to work to keep those oceans clean. Make sure to keep plastics and trash in their proper places and not in our oceans!

whitetip reef sharks3  whitetip reef sharks2

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One thought on “WATERY WEDNESDAY # 85

  1. I have really grown to appreciate sharks thanks to shark week. Will you be doing wolves soon?

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