We’re hitting the road to Central America on this fine Mammal Monday! We’re on the lookout for a raccoon who likes to eat shellfish! Pack you backpacks and let’s head in to the forests for an adventure!

e & e night rainforest


crab eating raccoon   Range/Habitat: Central-South America/ forest, mountains,


   Diet: Carnivore: shellfish, fish, insects

   Length/Weight: 18-35”/ 4 ½-26 lbs

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •          Crab eating raccoons are also called mapache.
  •          They are nocturnal.
  •          Crab eating raccoons have long, slender bodies.
  •          Crab eating raccoons have nimble paws.
  •          They have bushy ringed tails and black masks on their faces.

Crab eating raccoons look similar to their cousins the common raccoon (we know those guys)!  There long snouts and brown fur make them stand out. These raccoons aren’t as adapted to urban environments as their common cousins!

 crab eating raccoon2   crab eating raccoon3

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