We’re celebrating amphibians today! Our adventures are taking us the northwestern corner of the United States to find a salamander! You know we love our amphibian friends! Grab your gear and your wellies and let’s head out!  

e e woods (2)


pacific giant salamander   Range/Habitat: Northwestern U.S.A.-South west Canada

   Diet: Carnivore: invertebrates and small aquatic vertebrates

   Length: 6 ½-13”

   Conservation Status: unconfirmed


Fun Facts:

  •          Giant Pacific Salamanders are nocturnal.
  •          They are usually found by streams.
  •          Giant pacific salamanders excrete mucus from their tail when threatened.
  •          Giant pacific salamanders stay in their juvenile aquatic stage their whole life.
  •          They either become terrestrial or they stay aquatic with gills.
  •          Giant pacific salamanders are the largest terrestrial salamander in the world.

These gorgeous salamanders can be over a foot long. How weird is that some of these salamanders stay in their aquatic stage their whole lives?

 pacific giant salamander2  pacific giant salamander3

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