It’s Feathery Friday and we’re going to Central America to meet a bird who is great flier! Let’s grab our binoculars and our backpacks and go to find these flocks!

e e grasslands


black swift   Range/Habitat: Western North America-Central America/forest-


   Diet: carnivore: insects

   Length/Weight: 7-8”/ 1 5/8 oz

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  •          Black swifts have long pointed wings.
  •          They spend most of their time flying.
  •          Black swifts are fast fliers.
  •          Black swifts often fly in large flocks.
  •          They have sooty black feathers.

Black swifts are so fun to watch when they fly in their large flocks. They are amazing aerial acrobats!  

black swift3 black swift2



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