For the past two years in December we’ve featured animals who live in the North Pole! This year we’ve decided to feature animals who have blubber! Blubber is found in marine mammals. This layer of fat between the skin and muscle keeps the animal warm in cold waters. Since we don’t have blubber, we’ll be taking the E & E sub out on today’s adventure! Are you read to meet the unicorn of the sea! A unicorn you say, but unicorns aren’t real! You’re right, unicorns aren’t real, but this wild looking whale is real! Come find out more about…


   Range/Habitat: Arctic/Arctic Ocean

   Diet:  Carnivore: cod, mollusks, crustaceans

   Length/Weight: 13-20 ft/ 2000-3,500 lbs

   Conservation Status: Near Threatened


Fun facts:

  • The Narwhal is often called the unicorn of the sea.
  • They have the most northerly range of any mammal on the planet.
  • Narwhals have a modified upper incisor tooth that grows up to 9ft long.
  • This tooth looks like a horn. It grows through the upper mouth and is seen mostly in male Narwhals, but females can have small tusks.  Scientists aren’t completely sure what the purpose of the tusk is, but think it might be for attracting females.
  • The long tusk is made of ivory, just like an elephants tusks! Tusks are spiraled.
  • Narwhals have a thick layer of blubber, like other arctic animals that help keep them warm in the cold water.
  • Narwhals swim in groups called pods. Pods can include as many as 1000 individuals.
  • Narwhals are very communicative and use a wide range sounds, including clicks and whistles.
  • They suck food through their powerful lips and tongue.

Narwhals are amazing animals! They survive in very cold waters and grow this awesome long tusk that makes them look unique!  If you could pick a crazy adaptation like tusks what would it be? We’re still deciding on what we would like! Look for our narwhal Christmas ornament craft later this week too!

narwhal  narwhal2

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  1. Beautiful creatures.

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