We’ve staying in the E&E sub in the cold Arctic waters for day 2 of blubber week! Today’s marine mammal has quiet the melon!!  Are you ready to meet the white whale? Let’s go…


   Range/Habitat: Arctic Ocean

   Diet: Carnivore: fish, mollusks, crustaceans

   Length/Weight: 13-18ft/ 1-1 ½ tons

   Conservation Status: Threatened



Fun Facts:

  • Beluga whales are white to ivory in color. This helps them blend in with the arctic ice.
  • Beluga whales are highly social and can be seen in groups called pods.
  • They are very vocal too. They make all kinds of sounds, including clicks, whistles, and squeaks.
  • They are often called the sea canary because they are so vocal.
  • Beluga whales use echolocation to find prey. Echolocation is when an animal sends out a sound wave and it come back (echoes) to the animal giving them the distance and size of the object.
  • Beluga whales have large melons on top of their head that is full of oils, tissue and fats. It is thought that the melons help them with echolocation and sound production.
  • Baby beluga whales are gray when they are born and turn white by the age of 5.
  • Beluga whales can swim backwards and turn their heads, unlike most other whales.
  • They have a mouth full of teeth used to eat their prey, but they also use suction to suck up their prey.

Beluga whales are a very special member of the whale family! Their closest relative is the narwhal. Want to hear some of the sounds they can make? You should try out your Beluga whale impression after you watch the video! Edmond will be trying his all day, much to the dismay of Ellie J!

Listen here.

beluga whalebeluga whale2

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2 thoughts on “BLUBBER WEEK DAY 2

  1. What beautiful creatures!

  2. Belugas are cute!

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