We’re making a clay narwhal ornament to add to your tree!



·      Sculpey Clay (grey, white or yellow, and red)

·      Ribbon (not shown)

·      Paper clip or skewer (not shown)

e e narwhal


1.  First role the grey into a tube shape.

e e narwhal2

2.  Then sculpt the tail.

e e narwhal3

3.  Role two balls for fins. Shape into triangles and attach to the body.

e e narwhal4

4.  Roll a tube of the white or yellow for the tooth.

e e narwhal6

5.  Shape into a point and attach to the head.

e e narwhal8

6.  Role a red ball and then shape into cone for hat. Then attach to head.

e e narwhal9

7.  Take your skewer or paper clip and poke eyes and draw mouth.

8.  Poke a hole through your Narwhal.

e e narwhal11

9.  Bake your Narwhal according to package directions.

10.                   When cool- poke ribbon through hole in body and tie a knot on underside of Narwhal!

e e narwhal12            e e narwhal7

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One thought on “NARWHAL ORNAMENT!!

  1. What a really cool idea!

    Merry Christmas Ellie and Edmond…. and your human too!

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