Day #1- Our Year Long Adventure!

Welcome to the all new! We’ll be taking a year long journey around the world and we hope you will join us! We’ll be meeting animals, talking about fun science and writing about our adventures in our journal. We’ll be adding sketches, maps and interviews. We Are Family and Crafts will be back along with new features, such as Word of the week and the University of E & E! We hope you like the new 1st person format that we will be writing in! Some days our entries will be written by Edmond, some days by Ellie and some by both of us!

Pack your bags, your imagination and your love animals and join us on this wild ride around the world!


January 5th, 2014- Day #1: Getting ready for our trip

             Whew! What do an elephant and horse pack for a journey around the world? We have been planning this trip for months and we are finally ready to get on the road. We’ll be traveling by plane, train, boat, submarine, helicopter, hot air balloon and numerous cars and trucks! We’ve made lists and checked them and rechecked them. We’ll be in many different climates and habitats, from deserts to the poles. So what should we bring? We sat down to discuss what to put in our trunk (large box) not Ellie’s nose! Here are our lists!

e e trunk



o   Parkas

o   Gloves/Mittens

o   Scarves

o   Winter hats

o   Ear muffs

o   Snow shoes

o   Safari hats

o   Sunglasses

o   Scuba suits

o   Goggles

o   Swim fins

o   Rain jackets

o   Wellies



o   Mud sunscreen

o   Climbing gear

o   Binoculars

o   Canteens

o   Compass

o   Backpacks

o   Night vision goggles

o   Notebooks

o   Cameras/Chargers

o   Tents

o   Sleeping bags

o   Walking sticks

o   iPads

o   Pens/Pencils

o   Passports

o   Hay snacks

o   Carrots

o   Apples

o   Grass bars

o   Playing Cards

o   Matches

o   Head Lamp

o   Pocket Knife

o   Hoof Wamers

We think we have all of our supplies ready! We sure hope we haven’t forgotten anything! Good thing we’ll be coming back to HQs during the weekends! Ellie has worked very hard to plan out what we need. Edmond packed all the snacks! We’ve been checking out the map and deciding what animals we want to go find this week! Thursdays will still be guess the animal! It looks like we’re going to Africa this week to find a tortoise, a fish, and a goose! We’re ready for our year of adventure! Til tomorrow when we are in Africa…

-Ellie and Edmond

 e e map


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5 thoughts on “Day #1- Our Year Long Adventure!

  1. Love it! Can’t wait for the adventure to begin!

  2. Oh my E&E looks like you (and we) are in for a very busy year!! Have fun guys! I’ll be watching!!

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