DAY #2- Delayed

Day #2- Delayed

      Well the bad news is our trip was delayed due to cold weather; the good news is that we decided to bundled up and spend our day talking to some animals in our neighborhood. We went out and met a squirrel, a crow and a cardinal. The cardinal sat down and talked to us about helping out wild animals during the winter!


Us: How is your day going Mr. Cardinal?

Mr. Cardinal: It is cold Ellie and Edmond; very very cold. There isn’t much food out.

Us: Oh goodness! Winter must be hard on the wild birds and other animals.

Mr. Cardinal: Oh it is! Not only is there not much food, but we have to find a nice place to keep warm.

Us: A bird’s job is never done! Do you have any tips for our readers on how they can help you get through this cold weather?

Mr. Cardinal: Oh yes! Put out bird food- suet is really good and cheap!

                                    If you have a bird bath that is frozen over, break the ice!

                                    Put out containers of fresh water!

                                    Scatter nuts about for the squirrels, they don’t hibernate!

                                   You can build a habitat with rocks or sticks and leaves.

                                   Leaving your garden in a natural state helps reptiles, birds, insects and    


                                   You can leave out clean bird feeders with yarn in them. Birds use this to help

                                   build nests and shelters!

Us: Wow! Those are some great tips! We are going to the store right away to get some! We’ll leave it out for you and your bird pals!

Mr. Cardinal: Thank you! So nice chatting with you! I must fly off and find a warm spot for the night!

Us: Good luck!!

e e ear muffs


We had such fun going to the store and getting bird seed after our chat with Mr. Cardinal! We came back to HQs and put it out! Then had hot cocoa inside! We’re keeping our hooves crossed that the winter weather passes and we can get on with our adventure!

-Ellie and Edmond

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2 thoughts on “DAY #2- Delayed

  1. Great tips from Mr.cardinal.

  2. Great stuff – though I’ve had bird seed out since last winter and no one has touched it 😦 They are eating the peanuts in the bird feeder though (mostly the squirrels though!) Glad Mr Cardinal was available for interview guys. And I can’t say how much I admire those earmuffs! Fabulous!

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