DAY #6- Bolivian Squirrel Monkey

Day #6 (1/13/14) Off to South America

      We had a lovely weekend back at HQs. We decided to spend the second week of our trip in South America. We packed our trunk full of supplies and headed to the rainforest for the day. After we set up camp, we met up with a guide who walked us through the rainforest. We saw so many animals, but we were on the lookout for just one! After much searching we saw the little primates we were looking for! We sat very still and watched the agile Bolivian Squirrel Monkey for hours!

e & e rainforest2

bolivian squirrel monkey3

  • Their range and habitat: West to Central South America/rainforest

bolivian map

  • Their length/weight: 10 ½-12 ½“/ 34 oz Their status: common
  • They are omnivores (insects, fruits, seeds)
  • Bolivian Squirrel Monkeys are subspecies of the black-capped squirrel monkey.
  • Bolivian squirrel monkeys live in large troops (40-50 individuals).
  • Their tails are longer their bodies. They have bushy black tips on those tails.
  • Bolivian squirrel monkeys have furry ears.
  • They have white fur around their eyes.
  • Bolivian squirrel monkeys are arboreal.

   bolivian squirrel monkey2 bolivian squirrel monkey

We had such a blast watching these special monkeys! They are so fast! We could watch the troop for days. Primates are so amazing. They’re social, intelligent and in the case of the Bolivian Squirrel Monkey- amazing and agile climbers! Our first day here in the rainforest has been great. We’re going to wrap up the night at base camp with a game of cards and some oat cookies! See ya tomorrow!

-Ellie and Edmond

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