Day 7- Common Boa

Day #7 (1/14/2014) Common Boa

      We spent our day in the rainforest again. This time we had our guide help us find a reptile. Many of us have seen this snake in zoos and nature centers, but we really want to see one in the wild. It took us quite a while to locate this snake because their camouflage is amazing! We finally spotted one late in the afternoon!

e & e rainforest

Their range and habitat: Central-South America/forest, desert, grasslands

Their length:  3 ¼-13 ft  Their status: common

They are carnivores (small mammals, birds)

common boa

Common Boas vary in color depending on their habitat.

They are up to 10 subspecies.

Common boas are excellent climbers.

They are constrictors.

Common boas are nocturnal.

common boa2


It was such a fun adventure to look for the common boa today! Trying to spot an animal who has amazing camouflage made for such a great day. You must be on the lookout at all times! We’re glad we spotted one in a tree and not up close. We’re going to end the day with some apple cider and smores at camp!

-Ellie and Edmond

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