Day 11- Back on the road

Day #11 (1/22/2014) Back on the road(and in the ocean)

      We had a great weekend and really enjoyed celebrating Penguin Appreciation Day and Squirrel Appreciation Day! We spent the evening before deciding where we wanted to go this short week. We haven’t taken out the submarine in while, so we made the decision to do looking for a crazy looking fish! Packing up a submarine can be tricky, but luckily we have a great support staff. It’s always exciting to get lowered in to the water and find amazing species! Today’s fish is especially crazy! It’s the Barreleye!

e e deep sea

Their range and habitat: tropical-subtropical oceans/ worldwide

Their length: up to 4 ¼”    Their status: common

They are carnivores


  • Barreleyes have upward facing and barrel shaped eyes.
  • They have spineless dorsal fin.
  • They have a light reflecting organ that makes the barreleye practically invisible from the underside.
  • Barreleyes are found in deep waters; as deep as 80m.
  • Barreleyes are toothless.


You never known what two explorers will find when they go looking the oceans great depths. We know so little about the creatures that live in the largest habitat on earth. Ellie has a bit of claustrophobia, so after a few hours in the sub she is ready to come back to the surface. I myself could stay in there for hours and hours! Tomorrow is Guess the Animal and it’s one we spotted on our way back up to the surface!


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One thought on “Day 11- Back on the road

  1. Is its head really transparent? It looks transparent in the photo.

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