Day #15 (1/29/14) – Guess the Animal

We headed back to HQs just before the snow storm hit! We had a lovely snow day, but then we were stuck at HQs! So we missed a day of Year of the Horse Week- we’ll be making it up Saturday! Today it’s time to guess the animal! Do you know who it is?



  •          I am a very breed of horse.
  •          I have a white blaze on my nose.
  •          I am known for my fun, silly personality!

Who is it?

Ellie and Edmond

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2 thoughts on “GUESS THE ANIMAL

  1. I’m going to go out on a limb here…is it “an Edmond”? Or have I given the game away already #badTGT HeeHee I hope it is, an Edmond is the best kind of horse there is!!

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