Year of the Horse- PRZEWALSKI’S HORSE

Day #16 (1/31/2014) Year of the Horse- Przewalski’s Horse

      We headed out of HQs after a few snowy days. We decided to head to DC and the National Zoo to meet this horse as there are only around 400 in the wild. We had a great time watching these beautys and learning about the last true wild horses on earth.

e e ear muffs

Their range and habitat: Mongolia (East Asia)/ grasslands

Their length/weight: 7 ½-8 ½ ft/ 440-600 lbs  Their status:  critically endangered

They are herbivores (grasses, scrubs)

prwelski's horse

  • Przewalski’s horses are stocky horses with large heads and short legs.
  • They live in herds led by a senior mare, family members and a lead stallion.
  • Przewalski’s horses were reintroduced in the wild. There is a small population now.
  • Przewalski’s horses groom each other.
  • They have two more chromosomes than domestic horses.  

Theses last wild relatives are so gorgeous! I really hope I am able to meet them in wild some day! Today zoos like the National Zoo are helping protect that population with research and breeding programs! We learned all about their efforts and they are amazing! Check them out here! Look for a special color your own me tomorrow!!

prwelski's horse2  prwelski's horse3


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