Day 33- Giant California Sea Cucumber

Day #33 (4/10/2014) Giant California Sea Cucumber

e e galapagos
We had a great time watching the sea lions yesterday. We noticed as we sitting on the cliffs though, these great little tide pools! We decided to go and explore them. These pools were full of amazing creatures, sea stars, anemones and sea cucumbers! We were especially fascinated by the sea cucumber we saw!

sea cucumber3
Their range/habitat: Gulf of Alaska to Southern California/coast- intertidal zones
Their length: up to 19 ½”   Conservation Status: common
Their diet: Omnivore: plankton


sea cucumber2

• Giant California sea cucumbers are echinoderms.
• They do have an exoskeleton below their skin.
• Giant California sea cucumbers have tube feet on the bottom of their body.
• Giant California sea cucumbers have tentacles around their mouth to help them bring in food.
• They are nocturnal.
• Giant California sea cucumbers can regenerate all parts of their bodies.
• They expel the contents of their stomachs when threatened.


sea cucumber

Echinoderms are just crazy and amazing animals. We must learn much more about them. Their regenerative abilities are out of this world. It’s like a super power! What animal super power do you wish you had?

-Ellie and Edmond



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3 thoughts on “Day 33- Giant California Sea Cucumber

  1. I would like to see at night like cats. Oh and I want a tail. 🙂

  2. Sea cucumbers are great! I stepped on one once and I still feel pretty bad about it. From your description of echinoderms, it sounds like I might not have hurt it though. Do you think?

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