So nice to see everyone this fine Monday! Now that the computers here at the University have been fixed we can get on with the business of learning! We sure hope you enjoyed World Giraffe Day on Saturday! Those mammals know how to reach for the stars! Hahaha! So who’s ready to learn this weeks word? ME!

swow ecosystem

An Ecosystem ( ek-oh-sis-tuhm, ee-koh) is a group of living organisms (both plants and animals) that exist in one area together. Ecosystems include the soils, water and atmospheres that these organisms share.

Ecosystems can be very small to vast areas, such as savannas. The organisms that exist together in an ecosystem are dependent on each other to survive. One of my favorite ecosystems are tide pools. These amazing areas are where sea water and animals and plants are trapped during low tide on rocky coast lines. Tide pools are so fun to explore during the low tide, you can find sea stars, anemones, shrimp, crabs and seaweed among other things! Have any of you been lucky enough to explore a tide pool?

ecosystem cartoon

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