Day 41- we meet a puffer fish…

Day #41 (7/16/2014) Dogface Pufferfish…

e & e snorkeling

We went snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef yesterday and spotted so many kinds of animals, from fish to crustaceans to cephalapods. We saw a curious funny faced fish. We realized it was a pufferfish and not just any pufferfish- a dogface pufferfish!
puffer fish
Their range/habitat: Indo-Pacific oceans/ coral reefs
Their length: 3-12″  Conservation Status: common
Their diet: Omivores– algae, seaweed, sponges

• Dogface pufferfish are also known as the blackspotted puffer.
• They have no pelvic fin.
• Dogface pufferfish are solitary and territorial.
• Dogface pufferfish to have toxins.
• They will puff up when threatened.
dog face puffer fish2

We were so excited to see this special fish with the dog like face! Puffer fish get a bad rap; who knew they could be so cute? We’re going to bed for the night, it is exhausting snorkeling all day! More adventures tomorrow!

-Ellie and Edmond


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One thought on “Day 41- we meet a puffer fish…

  1. D-d-d-dogface? Is THAT how I look?? *gulp* Well, thanks for saying he’s cute, anyway.

    Love and licks,

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