Professor Tamandua and the rest of the University Staff are on a fall break, so we’re taking this opportunity to spotlight some creepy animals this week in honor of Halloween! First up, a newt…

This little animal is often referred to in stories about witches, or at least their eyes are! Ever heard of the eye of newt? Well this one doesn’t have scary eyes, but they have scary skin! Come meet them…

e & e wetlands


rough skinned newt

Range/Habitat: Western United States-Canada/ woodlands and ponds

Diet: Carnivore: aquatic invertebrates, tiny fish

Length: 3 ½”- 7 ½”

Conservation Status: Common


rough skinned newt3

Fun Facts:

  • The Rough Skinned Newt is an amphibian. Other amphibians also include frogs, toads and salamanders.
  • Rough skinned newts have rough, bumpy skin as implied by their name.
  • They are extremely toxic. They produce a strong toxin that can cause death if eaten. It can also be absorbed through the skin if you have an open cut or wound.
  • They are brownish-black in color with yellow to orange bellies.
  • Rough skinned newts feed at night.
  • They can live as long as 12 years!
  • The common garter snake is the rough skinned newt’s only predator. The snakes have developed immunity to their toxin.

rough skinned newt2

Wow! Who knew a cute little newt could be so poisonous? Well we think they are pretty awesome! We think this animal is best seen and not eaten!

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