We’re excited for everyone to meet this creature of the night! When you’re all alone in the woods at the night, this bird’s haunting calls can seed a shiver up your spine! Whoooooo doe you think it is?

e & e night rainforest


  great horned owl  Range/Habitat: North America-South America/wood, fields, suburbs,


   Diet: Carnivore: small mammals, birds

   Length/Weight: 18-20″/ 2- 5 1/2 lbs

   Conservation Status: Common



Fun Facts:

  • Great horned owls have feathery tufts on their heads.
  • They are the most abundant owl in the Americas.
  • Great horned owls have no sense of smell. They are one of the only predators of skunks!
  • Great horned owls are nocturnal.
  • Male great horned owls are smaller than the females.
  • Great horned owls form monogamous pairs.
  • Great horned owls have amazing calls!

Great horned owls are one of most favorite owls! They have the best call ever! Every time we hear it, it gives us the chills and makes us want to tell spooky stories around a campfire! Who’s bringing the marshmallows?

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