We have been thinking of all the wonderful animals that live in the ocean after last week’s We Are Fanimaly and Professor Tamandua’s post on mermaid’s purses. We decided to find out what makes a brain coral a brain coral! Who’s ready to find out with us?

e & e snorkeling

  • There are more than one species of brain coral.
  • They are found in coral reefs and help build those habitats.
  • Brain corals get their name from their resemblance to the brain with it’s groves and ridges.
  • Brain corals are made up of thousands of little polyps that form a calcium carbonate skeleton.

brain coral

  • They are stony or hard corals.
  • Brain coral can grow up to 6ft and can live for up to 900 years.
  • Brain coral feed at night on plankton. They extend their tentacles and sting their prey.
  • Brain coral are very slow growing.

brain coral2brain coral3Brain corals are amazing colony animals! We are always fascinated with these tiny animals that build a beautiful habitat that supports hundreds of other animals in the world’s coral reefs! What do you love about coral?


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2 thoughts on “BRAINS!!!!

  1. Those brain corals really DO look brainy. I wish I had one of the 6 foot ones. Mom usually calls my brain the name of “tiny.”

    Love and licks,

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