e & e snorkeling

Hehehehe! Who doesn’t love a good pun? Edmond loves them! When we were out looking for brain corals we spotted this special animal! They love to hide in the cracks and crevices of the coral reef and are considered very shy! So we were super excited to spot or maybe stripe is a better word, this creature!

zebra moray

Range/Habitat: Pacific-Indian Ocean/ reefs

 Diet: Carnivore: fish, crustaceans

 Length/Weight:  up to 35”/ 22 lb

 Conservation Status: common

 zebra moray2

Fun Facts:

  •          They have long muscular bodies with no pectoral or pelvic fins. They do have one long dorsal fin.
  •          Zebra morays usually hide in rocks or corals.
  •      They are almost blind and hunt by smell.
  •      They have flat teeth for crushing shells.
  •       Zebra morays breathe by passing water through their mouths over their gills.
  •          They have toxins in their skin to protect them from predators.

We love these beautiful eels. They look menacing, but are considered to be a social species of eel. The reef is one of our most favorite places to visit!




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