Our first adventure takes us to the chilly North pole to meet a VERY Famous animal, who knows the big guy driving the slay! Grab your coats and let’s go meet some reindeer!

e e arctic


reindeer   Range/Habitat: North America-Europe-Asia/Tundra-forest

   Diet:  Herbivore: grasses, moss, lichen

   Length/Weight: 4- 7 ¼ ft/ 260-660 lb

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Reindeer are also called caribou.
  • They vary in color and size depending on where they live. Reindeer that live closest to the arctic are white in color.
  • Both female and male reindeer have antlers. Males lose their antlers in the winter.
  • Reindeer antlers are covered in a layer of fur called velvet.
  • Their noses are specialized to warm cold air before it enters their lungs.
  • Reindeer have a four chambered stomach!
  • One of their favorite foods is called reindeer moss.
  • Reindeer are the only mammal that can see ultraviolet light!
  • Some reindeer populations migrate. They can migrate up to 3,000 miles in one year! Whew, they must be tired!

Besides being really neat, reindeer are famous for pulling Santa’s sleigh! We were hoping to meet a real reindeer this year, but we weren’t able to. We are making some antlers out of pipe cleaners though! What’s your favorite thing about reindeer?

reindeer   reindeer2






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